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Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Now a Days Educational Institute and Industry will become bigger and bigger, many different Business i.e. primary, seconday, higher secondary, collages,Small scale Industry,Big scale Industry etc.. is running uder one roof.
For business people, CRM is a daily part of their schedule. But what is CRM? And what is CRM software? To define CRM, you should first understand its history. CRM is an acronym that stands for customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is any tool, strategy, or process that helps businesses better organize and access customer data. It all started with handwritten notes and Rolodexes, but with the advent and proliferation of digital technology, it eventually evolved into databases stored on individual computers, and then the CRM definition shifted into something far more complex. It was no longer just notes. Managing your business’s relationships with customers became a complicated process. Now, in order to compete in any industry, you need a reliable system built on CRM software.
To mainten proper track and information it is necessary that each record is recorded properly, this will increse the burdon of employee, but we have solution for that. We are providing such kind of software which can reduce the burdon of your employee for record keeping. And with help of Costomer Relationship Management (CRM) Each lavel of Management will get accurate information for MIS Reporting. Management is also not required to depend on employee for daily report or anlysis reports. Management will get their desire anlysis report from software. Benefits of this software
1.  Transparency in the business from Employee to Top level management.
2.  Easily manage Employee, Office, Work
3.  Easy to manage various business data
4.  Check Employee status For Task, Propmotion or Past Records
5.  Reduce communication for status
6.  Easy available of MIS Reports (Work task, Dayly, Monthly,yearly work status Etc…)
7.  Reduce Staff Burdon to keep upto date records.
8.  Move toward the paperless office.
9.  And there is many more benefits which can help the business and it's Management.
For more futures and modules please contact us or Mail us our customer support executive will contact you for more detail.

Major Modules of System
1.   Student Module.
2.   Time Table Module.
3.   HR - Employee Module (Payslip Parameter, Cut-off Rules, Employee Detail, Attendence,
      Leave & holiday, Payslip generation)
4.   Fees Management.
5.   Exam Managmeent.
6.   Library Management.
7.   Inwaord Outword Module - In out for Main Gate.
8.   Mess Management
9.   Hostal Management.
110. Transportation Management. 
This is just and overview of modules if you want more information feel free to contact us or Mail us our customer suppoer executive will contact you for more detail. />