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  We have a long path way in the software industires, we have started this orgazanization in 1997 and till this date we are specializaed in the ERP.
As you know ERP is Enterprise Resouce Planning, we have not limited with one single type of industires ERP but we have developed ERP for various industires.
And after development we have continuosly updated our ERP with new changes required by the indesutries. So our product is always updated.
Even When the Technology change we also change products of the organization in new technology.
In Our portfoloio we have many product and many various industries. Such prodcut and industries types are listed below.
ERP Software for

  • Engineering Compnay
  • Plastic Molding Industries
  • Industrial Clutch & Break Manufacturer
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturer
  • Control Pannel Industries
  • Pharmacutical Compnay

Institute Management System for
  • Educational Intittute
  • Educational Campus
  • Collages & School

MLM Management System forMulti lavel Marketing Compnay
Construction Management system for Cunstuction Industries
We have also provide
Customized Software Development
Customized Web site Development
Please visit Product Detail or send us mail for further Detail;